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Completing the Monocoque

The trick here is to tie the roof together across the skylight. The roof uses 4 layers of planking but is quite different to the walls.  Here is summary of design decisions;

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The Skylight (tsohar 'noon light')

'V' Roof

The 'noon light' is supposed to let the light in. There's are a few problems - it's raining, the waves are splashing, it could be windy and the boat is rocking. The first attempt at a solution goes something like this.


Pitched roof

The alternative is the more conventional pitched roof with gutters for collection of drinking water. 

The main advantage of a pitched roof is that it dumps water straight over the gutter when rain is extreme. The entire skylight roof width shown above is around 6m (20ft), about the same scale as a double garage.  The disadvantage is the blocking of light and the construction of gutters. The light blockage could be overcome in a pitched roof by increasing the lintel depth, and keeping the pitch low.