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Allen Magnuson

Texus USA

Dr Allen Magnuson is a naval architect who is working design of Noah's Ark. 

The model is N-scale (standard model railroad) which is 1/160. Constructed from matting cardboard. Built in 2000.

This model has a ship-like form which improves seakeeping. Notice the relatively flat roof. There are seven hatches instead of a continuous window - with approx one-cubit hatch combing (so it seems) under the window. (See Window)

Stern view

Profile view shows a high bow and cut-up (raising bottom) to form skeg (fin shaped extended keel) at the stern. This is a classic ship shape which has very good reasons behind it.

The plan view shows the shape of the hull.

Update April 2005

In a more recent design, Allen has employed a more substantial forecastle to bring the ship in line with the wind. See the model test pages, view image at Ship vs Block