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VRML walkthrough of Noah's Ark

Tim Skillman: 

"I write 3D computer software (for the UK ) and model in 3D for a real-estate company in the US. Im a born-again Christian who has been pastoring a church in the Seychelles (were taking a break for now). My wife, Pam, is Seychellois whereas Im from England. We have 3 children; Shem(6), Rebekah(3) and Esther(1) who are a handful! Ive been living in Seychelles for the past 13 years.

Thought you might be interested in wandering around a high-detailed version of Noahs ark that includes Noahs living quarters and a couple of elephants. Its all in VRML, so youll need the Cortona browser before you try "

Install Cortona VRML Client! Download and install the Cortona VRML viewer. (

then go to Tim's website to walk around the model. (

QUEST: Can you read Noah's letter above? Go inside yourself and find it...

I created the model in 3DS Max and scaled to the standard cubit so its the smaller version of the Ark

it could easily be scaled up to the Royal cubit. 

(Approaching by "fly" mode, not "walk" mode...)

Idea what would be fun, is for people to donate a 3D animal model to put into the Ark, 

... I hope to eventually fill it out to get a real feel of what it must have been like.

I hope this model may help to solve some of these questions plus draw a few conclusions

Regards - Tim.