F R E E   D O W N L O A D S. 

Museum test

3D Creation Museum exhibit. Test level. PC only. Requires DirectX 8. (5.8MB). Zipped.  More info here.

Roll dynamics  

2D sea simulator using buoyancy physics (damping adjusted manually, surprise surprise). Requires VB runtime. (120kB)

Hydrostatic Roll

Roll stability, define the transverse cross-section parametrically or by coordinates.  Requires VB runtime. (50kB).

Inside the Ark 

3D Walk around inside the Ark. Test preview. (10MB zip)

Ark Construction

3D Ark under construction (25MB zip)




To install Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files on your computer, free from Microsoft... (1MB)

For details about Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files click here



Most PC's running Windows will have this. To install Direct X go to www.microsoft.com