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MISSION: To define a feasible design range for Noah's Ark

Sub-clause (ii) And to help explain existing knowledge relating to those 3 chapters of Genesis.

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Tim Lovett  B.E. Mech Eng (Syd), Grad Dip.Ed. Initiated the project due to interest in the Ark. Tim completed a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sydney University in 1988. He worked for a number of years on the design of diagnostic ultrasound equipment and related ventures in experimental therapeutic use of high power ultrasound. Since completing a graduate diploma of Technical Education in 1993, Tim has been a full time instructor for 12 years in technical college engineering courses. and consulting work in mechanical design and prototype development, automation and low volume production technologies. More recently he was technical adviser for degree courses in Industrial Design and Engineering, developing equipment and resources for Rapid Prototyping, before dropping all extra-curricula activities to concentrate on Noah's Ark. Tim and Helen have six home schooled children. 

Tim is currently working for Answers in Genesis in Kentucky USA, designing the exhibits for Noah's Ark.

Photo of James H. King

Jim H. King: Naval Architect (US Navy).  Ark analysis. Jim led discussions on the effect of hull form on the seakeeping of Noah's Ark for the AiG Creation Museum team - Kentucky, July 2004. Since then he has used model tests to demonstrate the relationship between the shape of bow and stern and the likelihood of broaching and capsize.


NATO R/V Alliance


Dr Allen Magnuson, Ph. D., P.E. Contact was made through John Morris (ICR president) in Aug 2004. Allen is working on 'lines' for a potential hull shape for Noah's Ark, and investigating wooden ship construction and internal structural layouts.


Texas A & M


“Before I was saved in 1987, I was substitute Sunday school teaching from Genesis 6. At the time I considered the book of Genesis to be an allegory or legend.  While I was preparing the lesson, I realized that the Ark’s dimensions and proportions as given in Genesis 6:15 were those of a modern cargo ship.  It became clear to me at that point that God designed the Ark as a seagoing ship with the animals as the cargo. 
This was a strong factor in my decision for Christ. I publicly accepted Christ as my personal savior shortly after this.” AHM July 20, 2005


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