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Note: The following list is a sample of relevant sites,  but is not responsible for their content. 

Creationist General  

AIG: Answers in Genesis. Ken Ham, Carl Weiland. Creation Magazine and Technical Journal. High profile website with bookshop and online database. Upcoming museum ( and a half ! ). Speakers. 

ICR: Institute for Creation Research. John Morris (son of Henry Morris). Established 1970, spearheading the modern Creation movement. ICR Impact, Graduate school, library, museum, speakers.

CRS: Creation Research Society. Est 1963. CRSQ - Quarterly peer reviewed journal, Van Andel Research Centre.

CSM: Creation Science Movement. Founded in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement. Monthly pamphlets, quarterly journal, speakers.  

Creation Science Movement

Christian Answers. Good coverage on major issues. Extensive website, Eden Communications. “The World that Perished” Noah Video and book, other Creation materials. 

North West Creation network: Chris Ashcroft's CSR site has merged to make NWCN. Extensive database, good links, creation forum, resources.

CSF: Creation Science Fellowship: Pittsburgh.  

Sponsor of the International Conference on Creationism. (ICC)

Revolution against Evolution: Articles, Seminars & courses, TV show, online books   

True Origins: Rebuttal of Talk.Origins Website: 

Biblical Creation Society. Founded 1976. Website 118 pages. Articles and publications.  

Creationism.International Listing of Creation Organisations. Paul Abramson 

Creation Science: Jason Browning (webmaster) Dr. Gerald Lenner  Mark Rajock. Database title search.

Creation Tips, Creation summary. Robert Doulan - (Australia)

Creation Science Resources, Charlie Liebert - ask him a question. Educational resources including large scale Noah's Ark model (6 feet long)


Noah's Ark Sites

Rod Walsh  Model ark builder. "Noah's  Ark"  Video. Ark Models. Speaker (Australia).

Noah's Ark links.

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. 

ARP: Ark Research Project, Matthew Kneisler,  3D VRML ark walkthru

The Genesis Files: Tom Pickett. Ark info, ante-diluvians, looks at possible flood causes.

The Genesis Files

GodsArk.  Full scale Noah's Ark under construction in Maryland USA. This has been the vision of Pastor Richard Greene since 1974. Frame for stage 1 shown >

Noah's Ark Park: Planning to build a (full scale) ark replica. Dr.Tommy Moore, Pastor of the Messiah Baptist Church in Denver

 General ark info, links, water receding study. 

Shearer and Assoc. Brief report based on Joe Silver's Noah's Ark study. June 17, 2002.


Flood Specific (Flood mechanism, geology)

Global Flood. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: John Baumgardner. Advanced computer simulation of the earth's mantle demonstrating a unified mechanism for Noah's flood.

Tas Walker's Biblical Geology. Dr Tas Walker – Biblical Geological model. A simple, powerful model for classifying rock formations within a biblical framework.

Tas Walker's Biblical Geology

Center for Scientific Creation. Dr Walter Brown – Proponent of hydroplate theory in opposition to runaway subduction model.


Searching for remains of Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark Search: Premier Ark search site. Mt Ararat expeditions and updates on search. Extensive links page. Other Rex Geisler websites; and


The Animals

Creation Biology Study Group (Baraminolgy Study Group)


Reference Material

 John Woodmorappe  Author of "Noah's Ark - A Feasibility Study"

 Lewis Lavoie Studios: Graphics of the world before the flood.


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