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 Comparing the block shape...

Broadside! Any long floating thing will be pushed side-on by continuous wave action. In this example, a 2m (6ft) model of Noah's Ark broaches within seconds and remains broadside to the waves. The 4-8 knot wind is unable to turn so it is effectively caught in a beam sea.

...with a ship shape

A ship-shaped hull does the same, unless there is some way to keep it aligned with the wave direction.

Following Sea. The safest and most comfortable ride is when the Ark is end-on to the waves.  There are various ways to achieve this control, such as drag inducing features or a sea anchor, but the most effective unmanned method appears to be something that catches the wind at the bow, in conjunction with deliberate hull arrangements such as skeg and trim to stern. The design of the bow "wind catcher" might take many forms - from a modern looking forecastle to an ancient looking extended stem. Preferably in wood, not canvas - to be maintenance free.

Note: At reduced scale, the ratio between wind forces and wave loads can change, so the model could be showing steering features at a distorted scale.

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APRIL 2005

Test Model Blog continued...

Plenty of surprises in store here. Noah's Ark could be either really good, or really bad!
Three test models pitted against wind and waves - and each other.
Which is the best design?

Bow Fin Discussion

A big flat wooden thing at one end? Now where have we seen that before?

More about Pitch.
How about a nice gloss lacquer inside? There were 4 wives on board remember.

Test samples of pine tar courtesy of Dan McLarty. Dan completed his
Ark model recently;

More Ark Modelers
Dan also completed his Ark model recently;
And a new Ark from Scott Campbell from Indianapolis;

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