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Proposed hull form...

How Noah's Ark may have looked. Prominent and functional stems, Biblical proportions and structural capability to endure storms  in the open sea. The first ship in our history, the ancestor to the later ships of ancient seafaring nations. More...


Comparative Proportions. A suggested midship section for Noah's Ark based on large wooden ships such as the Great Republic shown below. More...


Museum exhibit test.  Rapid trial of new ideas for representing Noah's Ark at the AiG Creation Museum. Realtime 3D (game engine) was used to turn brainstorming ideas into exhibit concepts in a matter of days.

Download and take a tour. (5.8MB PC only)


NOTE: If you have XP SP2, you need to "Allow blocked Content" to run the web navigation.


Creation Museum Exhibit  In USA with AiG Museum team.

Decision Scheme So, what about this or that? Making decisions.

Section Modulus Estimate Geometric similitude. Design by fatness!

MegaConference Talk The other thing that happened in America...

Proposed Hull Form No time left to equivocate, so here is something... 

Cubit Whitepaper The case for the long cubit in 5000 words, more or less. 

Why such a long hull? Did God make a mistake or is there more to the story?

Wave Yaw and Broaching Broaching the subject...



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