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28 June 2004      

News for June 2004

Do your own stability analysis!

The latest free download puts the tools in your hands. Design your own ark and measure the roll stability and plot the moment arm curve. See how it compares to Prof Werner Gitt's 2001 results. Don't just learn some jargon, get a feel for bilge radius, deadrise and B/D ratio. This is exactly what a naval architect would do.

And for the geeks, there's even an explanation of how the program calculates stability.  


New stuff this month at

Some new Flash animations. Flipper saw, build sequence, timber in tension

8 June: New roll stability program - with free download!

12 June: The cubit of a modern man added to Noah's cubit page. 

15 June: A water powered saw concept. (Well, just a thought anyway...)

17 June: Ark Modeler's page (yet to be filled...)

18 June: Timber long list. Pretty boring page eh?
22 June: WWF received first hull strength calculations from James King (US Naval Architect) (Coming soon) Getting into it now...
24 June: Reorganized menu system. New Full Menu page

25 June: Design Notebook: Hull Build Sequence (Laminated hull design.)

26 June: Design Notebook: Keel Detailing (First stab at design detailing.)

 Upcoming...  July - August. Tim Lovett in US for Ark definition focus. Should be interesting - fleshing out what we see when we 'zoom in' on the ark.  

If you've been praying...thanks!  Somebody obviously is!