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Yes, it can be done.  Zooming in on the Ark

The 'experts' say it couldn't be done - the Ark was supposedly too big for timber... 

Korean shipbuilding experts say it can. Following on from their research, WWF has begun to post images of a potential ark design. Using ordinary timber (Douglas Fir) and conservative building strength values designed to cover poor quality wood, the ark is looking structurally sound so far. All done with a minimum of metal fasteners and no "iron bracing". 

We don't seem to be having too much trouble putting Noah's Ark together with wooden nails.

Just to make it harder, we increased the length of the cubit, adding some 50% to the mass of the ark. The timber still holds and the reason is obvious. The ideal proportions as described in Genesis paved the way for a relatively easy solution.

P.S. Was our ark some high-tech design dreamt up by experts? Not really. The bulk of the design decisions were proposed by an Australian tech teacher with no prior ship or boat building expertise at all. No high tech analysis in the proposal stage either - so much for it being an impossible task. Of course, there could be many other solutions, but this is the first one to hit the drawing board, checked under the watchful eye of naval architect James King. 


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Some new Flash animations, like Roof Window . Much easier than words.

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And some great new leads resulting from the trip to USA. Coming in the Aug update. 

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