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Trip to AiG Creation Museum in US

The AiG Creation museum is approaching external completion and exhibit design is now in full swing. WorldWideFlood author Tim Lovett joined naval architect Jim King and a line-up of top AiG brass to hammer out a Noah's Ark we could all agree on (even Ken Ham was there, but not for the full 15 hour meeting...)

Right now we are targeting hull form, so we made a real bathtub ark...

The first record of roll motion of the ark in a bathtub...

What's this all about? We want to get a definitive answer on what is a reasonable range of hull forms for Noah's Ark - especially the shape of the bow and stern. Flat, rounded or pointed?

What happened since the last update?
Looks like we might be able to justify non-black pitch for Noah's Ark.
...and here's an idea for a water dispenser, to get some graphical feel..
...and some hull shape experiments about to begin. 
...have a look at the real-life "bathtub ark"...

Another Naval Architect investigating the ark - Allen Magnuson was contacted after 
a phone call to ICR's president John Morris while I was in Kentucky. 
(I said I was from the AiG Creation Museum...well, I was at the time...)
Great input too - interestingly has similar concerns to Jim's bow/stern alert. 

New contacts were made at the Creation College event - a conference for creation presenters - like Dan McLarty whose ark model was added to the ark modelers page. 


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