World Wide Flood com                                                  UPDATE 7

N E W S   F O R   NOV   2 0 0 4       


You might think I'm just making excuses, but I can't really show you what we're working on right now. 

CAD modeling one of the hull shapes suggested by Naval architect Dr Allen Magnuson - with plenty of email traffic to Texus. (And keeping the CAD forum busy while I ramp up on yet another piece of software.) 

Well, OK I'll give you a choice, but "see that you don't tell anyone" (As in Mark 1:43 without 1:44)

If you can't be trusted then try not to look at the picture below... 

I know you looked. That's why you only get a cryptic image. 

(Actually that's exactly how it looks at 2am.)

NOTE: If you have XP SP2, you need to "Allow blocked Content" to run the web navigation.

Hardly anything else happened in November except...
The Roll Calculator (Version 4.1) got an extra slider - for sloping sides on the hull. 
Now you can check yourself about the Vogt triangular hull of 1905 - all of one sixteenth
the stability of a rectangular hull...
(To be really honest, I did that tonight before writing this update, but it sounds busy. 
Press the "Vogt Hull" button and you get a TRIANGULAR  HULL)
A bit more history, hunting down the elusive Peter Jansen and Mr Vogt of triangular hull
fame. (I'm still finding that a bit hard to believe...). Starting to fill out the 20th century... 
And something that has nothing to do with triangles...
A few additions to the ship comparison gizmo. Might be time to pretty this page up since 
a few links coming in through there. The QM2 is big isn't it?
Added a guestbook. Link is at bottom of homepage
Merrily trading links with Christian link traders. Only a dribble at this stage, but we'll see.
(Bottom of links page, just below the Bible search links and the learning Hebrew links)  
The Links page usually gets some little change each month.
The other 30% is even more secret so I won't even say anything about that, apart from 
mentioning the fact that I won't tell you. But since I haven't told you anything, you won't
be under pressure not to stare at a classified picture or anything...
Maybe next month will be a better read... Bye