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A box shaped Ark?

The main item for December was an investigation into the popular box shape for Noah's Ark. 

Is it biblical?  

The Hong study hints at the Hagopian "eyewitness" account of a rectangular ark as their inspiration on ark shape. A recent book "The True Story of Noah's Ark (2003)" clearly links Noah's Ark to a box shape based on the Ark of the Covenant, even stating the Hebrew for Noah's Ark is; "Quite literally, box". 

Being clearly sub-optimal for a ship hull, the block hull raises serious questions, and the first question must be;

"Does the Bible really say Noah's Ark is box shaped?" 

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DECEMBER 2004...
Does Ark mean Box? 
WWF Whitepaper: Exploring biblical clues about the shape of Noah's Ark. 
The argument requires a bit of reading because it involves various manuscripts and 
tenuous interpretations of obscure words (despite an apparent consensus on their meaning).
A graphical summary in 40 seconds;
The Compare Ships page has been popular so this was converted to a much smaller Flash 
presentation, with the addition of the Chinese treasure ships and a few others.
Some additional information on the Waves page regarding the tragic Asian tsunami. For the
first time satellites were used to directly measure the deep sea amplitude of a tsunami 
wave - a mere 50cm (2 ft). Distant geological activity is no threat to an ark in deep water.
Incoming links are diversifying - this month the Evolution vs Creation forum drew some 
attention to a few pages on hull strength and size limitations for a wooden hull, along with
the veritable AiG Korean safety study of course. Links begin at message 203 on thread;