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What shape and how shapely?

Firmly on the agenda is a proposed hull design for Noah's Ark. This is a team effort spanning the Pacific by emails and CAD files. This included learning a new CAD program and buying a copy for our offices in Sydney and Texas.   

Some open water comparative model tests are imminent - mainly focused on broach avoidance and shape comparative seakeeping measurements.    

Some thoughts on the possibility of gleaning more information about Noah's Ark from extra-Biblical sources (cautiously of course).

And you get a brief introduction to naval architects Dr Allen Magnuson and the elusive Jim King (well, he does research for the US Navy, what do you expect?). 

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JAN-MAR 2005...
Meet the folks. 
Brief intro to naval architects in the US. 
Learning CAD - a hull lofting exercise.
I wrote a tutorial so I could remember next time... Well received on the Turbocad forum 
too. (Always good for traffic). Oh, and learning CSS at the same time. I teach a CAD 
program I can't afford. ($10K AUD), this one I can...
What if...
... there was more information about Noah's Ark hidden away in all those flood legends
around the world? Many design choices based on the scant Biblical record might need the
slightest hint to sway a decision, and some meaningless or trivial point might be a key. 
Well, it's worth a try anyway...
Broach the subject...
Broaching is when a ship goes side-on to the waves - a great way to get it to capsize. If 
you ever wondered why you can capsize Noah's Ark in the simulator, now you know. 
It is not supposed to be in a beam sea!
Modeling for the camera?
Yeah, ship models. The "Ark in a bathtub" finally got some bow and stern additions, and 
it floated with exactly the predicted trim. What a fluke...that I built Allen's hull shape 
accurately enough. Next, a few more logging tests then off to the beach with a box shaped
ark for comparison. Good witnessing tool - every Christian should have one.
Midship Section
Concepts for the midship section of Noah's Ark. Comparison with timber ships of 1800's.
If you get through it there is a pretty picture at the end.
AiG link...
Answers in Genesis have provided a prominent link on their Noah's Ark FAQ page, under
the heading; 
What did Noah’s Ark look like, inside and out? WorldwideFlood.Com (off-site)
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