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Optimal Proportions.

Why ships tend to look like ships. (Interactive)


How Noah's Ark may have looked. Prominent and functional stems, Biblical proportions and structural capability to endure storms  in the open sea. The first ship in our history, the ancestor to the later ships of ancient seafaring nations... More...

 Demonstrated. Is the rigid sail really necessary? And why the underwater projection? ... It almost looks like the bulbous bow of a modern tanker, or is it related to the ramming bow of a Greek trireme?

These features work together to control the Ark, using the wind (Gen 8:1) to maintain direction and avoid broaching. Videos

  Clues from Ancient Ships.  With Noah's three sons steeped in marine technology, the emergence of a shipbuilding industry soon after the Flood should come as no surprise.

So if we see particular traits in ancient ships, the chances are they may have been derived from the archetype of all ships - Noah's Ark... More...

  Mt Ararat and the search for Noah's Ark. People claim to have seen it, others allege the photos have been lost. Stories involve everything from the Russian military to the CIA.

But what evidence do we have today?
How well does Mt Ararat fit with the Bible?


  Comparing Noah's Ark.  The Great Republic alongside the smallest possible Ark - based on the very smallest (18 inch) cubit.

> Section Modulus Comparison here
> Compare more ships here.

Moses Ark?

Everyone knows about Noah's Ark, but what about Moses' Ark?

Same word in the Hebrew.

Does Ark mean Box?

What a fluke!

Proportions are optimal

Size is ideal

Roof Vents are viable

Construction time is sufficient

...even the ceiling height is about right!

So if this is an embellished story of a reed barge on a flooded river, why would the numbers make sense in a hydrodynamic study?

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